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Success Stories

Success Stories
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Made in USA Solutions

An OEM of a high-end, high quality requirement consumer product was experiencing pricing pressure from offshore competitors. They had begun to believe that moving offshore was the only competitive option.  We helped them reduce materials, production and logistics costs, plus tailored a production strategy that supported their seasonal spikes in demand. We’ve provided a one-stop solution that supports repair depot activities for warranty and out-of-warranty units, as well building their complete product which minimizes supply chain management and test equipment costs. Our finished goods Kanban stocking program allows them to rapidly address any spikes in demand at their retailers. Plus, they have the ability to tell a “Made in USA” story to a customer base that values the jobs that helps create. And, most importantly, they’ve got a team that sees their challenging business model as the type of business we love to make a success.

Difficult-to-Forecast Demand
A manufacturer of sensors and controls was unhappy with their onshore EMS provider’s ability to meet their variable, high mix demand. Our team analyzed their historical demand and worked with the customer to define an annual forecast. We then worked with our suppliers to establish correctly-sized pipeline bonds. Our goal was to minimize customer inventory liability, while ensuring adequate material availability. We also established a finished goods Kanban. Point-of-use stocking is utilized to increase line changeover efficiency. Today, we build nearly 25 different assembly types for them.

Cost Reduction
An OEM of industrial products saw field returns increase on a system controller. Our engineering team performed failure analysis on the field returns using an outside laboratory and the components were fine. Further analysis showed that the problem was in the customer’s documentation. On the same assembly, a customer-initiated ECO had changed a component in error and created performance issues in the assembly. Our team worked with the customer’s team to evaluate and re-layout the board. The re-layout of the board corrected the design issues and reduced unit cost by $7.87.

In another example, a measurement device company was looking for additional cost savings in their product. Our engineering team reviewed the design of three assemblies and identified numerous improvement opportunities. The end result was savings of 12%, 14%, and 16% of the unit cost  on three different assemblies by utilizing drop in replacements of components that allowed for component cost savings as well as the elimination of manufacturing processes.

New to Outsourcing

A medical OEM acquired a division that did no outsourcing. Product documentation and test procedures were not up-to-date. Our team worked with the customer to update the documentation and transfer the board level assembly.  We set up a six-month stocking agreement and a finished goods Kanban to address variations in demand.  The end result is that while the customer has greater scheduling flexibility, inventory liability has actually been reduced through the stocking agreement.

Legacy Product
A medical OEM had legacy product that needed redesign support. Our engineering team worked with the customer’s engineering team to gradually convert the older PTH product to SMT, and provide DFM/DFT recommendations. The end result was more manufacturable product and improved component availability.

A motor controls company having significant quality issues on a specific assembly with their current supplier. The product was an upper level assembly that includes two PCBs.  Our engineering team was able to identify and correct design issues that included incorrect land patterns and spacing, incorrect hole sizes, slot dimensions and missing locations, as well as components too close to the PCB edge.


































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