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Our #1 Strength is Our People

One big secret in contract manufacturing is that the folks who can contribute the best ideas are often the ones who handle material and build products. At Burton Industries, instead of hiding that fact we celebrate it and do everything we can to educate new associates on how important they are in making customers’ lives better.

Everyone in our company is responsible for contributing to Continuous Improvement. We encourage ideas through a suggestion program and all hands Continuous Improvement meetings that discuss success stories and solicit new ideas. We also celebrate our successes through our Excellence in the Ordinary program, which helps reinforce how small improvements help us better support customers. In short, we make it easy for every one of our associates to see how their contributions make a difference to our customers.

Most electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies highlight experience and expertise of their management team. We’ve got that too, but what really sets us apart is the fact that every associate under our roof really does see their job as making customers’ lives better. They know that by doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, they make your job easier and help you produce products that ultimately make your customers’ lives easier. It is a simple concept, but one that helps our associates better understand the positive impact of the work they do. Seeing is believing. Contact us, set up a plant tour and talk to our associates. Let us show you how we are redefining contract manufacturing.











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