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Relationships Matter

Relationships Matter

Many companies use words like relationship or partnership to describe what we call “givens” in the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) relationship. From our perspective, the very minimum you should expect is zero defects, on time delivery and competitive cost. If all our team does is that, we really aren’t much different than your current suppliers.

Instead, our culture is built around the concept of every team member treating customer problems as if they were their own. Meeting the ‘givens’ is easy. Helping you pull in your schedule on short notice, better forecast unpredictable demand or solve a quality issue that none of your former suppliers could fix are the types of challenges we solve every day. Contract manufacturing is a complex relationship. Every customer has special needs. Our job is to understand your special needs and tailor our service in ways that ensures those needs are met. To us, a good relationship means we are solving your problems before they become problems. Our goal is to change the way our customers think about contract manufacturers.

Surprisingly, this attitude does make some customers nervous. A year ago, we visited one of our customers and provided detailed redesign recommendations, which we offered to implement at no extra charge. The customer’s management team was skeptical. Why would we do this? Was this part of a scheme to raise prices later on? We convinced the customer to accept the recommendations and they’ve now found out that our only “agenda” was making their product easier to build at lower cost. We believe that helping customers address manufacturability, obsolescence or cost issues early ultimately makes them more competitive and, in turn, improves our business with them. So, if you are tired of working with companies more concerned with their quarterly numbers or fixed production windows than with your challenges, Contact Us for a quote.













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