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The Right Fit

We Build it Right

We recognize we aren’t the right fit for every OEM and we don’t try to be at Burton Industries.
However, if you are looking for an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company that is engineering-driven and focused on extreme quality, building it right the first time with unheard of return rates in the half percent range, that provides award-winning service making you think we are part of your facility, then, maybe you are looking for us.

We focus on constant communication, partnership and value-added engineering. We get involved early in the process, listen to your needs and requirements, and either lead or assist your team in developing the most robust, cost effective and manufacturable product for your market. We do it right the first time. We do it fast through constant and continuous communication, and we make it seamless.

Our design, engineering and manufacturing teams are located together and work together. Our facility is designed to build from prototype to NPI to production manufacturing seamlessly, quickly and all under one room.

Our value-added partners work the same way.

Do we or can we just do electronic manufacturing? Sure, we’ve done that every day for the past 36 years. But really, who can’t use a little engineering help or value-added service from their manufacturing partner nowadays. You won’t have to ask for it from us. We will provide it, all the time, and a lot of it free of charge. It’s what we believe is included in partnerships.

Typically we perform best with customers under $200 million in annual revenue. Most projects or product lines we build run from $250,000 to $10 million annually. They range from fully-tested HLA/box build products down to simple printed circuit board assemblies. We also build and support many legacy product lines and perform warranty repair work and operate repair depot centers. Our engineering support can range from full product development to end-of-life product support.

If that’s the fit you are looking for, then that’s us.

If you are holding a spreadsheet and comparing placement cost with us against Thailand or Vietnam, well, then we probably aren’t what you are looking for. In the end, you’ll probably get what you pay for.

If you are comparing other U.S. or Mexican suppliers to us, well, we will probably beat them most of the time in placement cost. More importantly, we will actually listen to your needs, assist you in improving your products, design your product line to be cost effective, provide you with killer responsive service, flexible manufacturing schedules and deliveries that meet your timetables or short notice, and we won’t need to be micromanaged.

If that’s your right fit, Contact us. Let’s have that discussion and let’s begin to make you more successful.
























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