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Family-owned, Service-focused and Values-driven

At Burton Industries, we are doing our best to redefine the contract manufacturing relationship. Our business model is simple: if we help our customers become more competitive, our business grows. Our definition of “more competitive” is different for every customer. Some need a contractor who can fix their quality issues, others have trouble meeting variable demand, many want a contractor that they can trust to keep their projects moving smoothly without a lot of handholding and virtually all want help with cost reduction. In short, our model is based around figuring out what keeps you up at night and solving that issue. Sometimes you tell us upfront and sometimes we figure it out on our own and tell you. Bottom line, we are in the business of making your life easier by making your products better.

We’ve been doing that since 1978 and our customer base includes companies in the medical, industrial, motor control, specialized consumer, security, building controls, defense and professional tool markets. We specialize in high mix, variable demand projects and can support your full product lifecycle from product development through end market support services.

We are headquartered in Hazelhurst, WI and our manufacturing is located in Ironwood, MI. Why consider a contract manufacturer in Michigan’s UP? First, you get access to a Midwest manufacturer at some of the lowest costs in the region. Second, we’ve got a great team with low turnover. People move to this area because they like the community and access to some of the best outdoor recreation in the world. Finally, we do our job well enough that you don’t need to visit, but if you do you can enjoy some of the best hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, kayaking and other outdoor activities the United States has to offer.. In short, you get a great team and a great price, with a commitment to delivering superior service and quality that is shared by everyone that works here.

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Burton Industries, Inc. / Headquarters
PO Box 250 Hazelhurst, WI 54531
Phone: (715) 356-5767
Fax: (715) 356-5138
Burton Industries, Inc. / Ironwood Division
1260 Wall Street Ironwood, MI 49938
Phone: (906) 932-5970
Fax: (906) 932-9822

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