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Full Service
Supporting Your Entire Life Cycle
Burton Industries can provide complete support over the full lifecycle of your product.

Flexible Scheduling
We Thrive on High Mix, Variable Demand Projects
We've built our business by efficiently supporting high mix, variable demand projects. Our manufacturing strategy includes:
Services Tailored to Your Needs
We are an Extension of Your Facility
We specialize in projects that require unique production strategies and a responsive support team. Some of the ways we support unique customer challenges include:
Committed to Continuous Improvement
We Continually Raise the Bar
At Burton Industries, we like to say, "we treat your product as if it were our own." This isn't simply a slogan. It is a core part of our company culture. A commitment to continuous improvement is also part of that culture. We recognize that our employees are the true experts in identifying areas for improvement. We harness that expertise by sharing quality data and project goals in monthly continuous improvement meetings. more...